“At Lucy Joy Nutrition, we support you in finding your own version of "healthy"


Personalised 1:1 nutrition counselling consultations designed to help find your food freedom


What you will find at Lucy Joy Nutrition


A diet-free zone

As a non-diet specialists, we won't tell you what to eat;  we work with you to help build a better relationship with food and yourself.

Is Nutritional Counselling Right for Me?

Nutrition Counselling offers an integrative, compassionate and person-centred approach to health.
This is achieved by combining elements of nutrition, behaviour and counselling experience to support you with your health and well-being goals.

A few common (but not exhaustive) reasons you may seek sessions nutritional counselling sessions are because:

You're ready to say goodbye to years of yo-yo dieting and finding a balanced and sustainable way of eating without feeling stressed or guilty around food.

You're looking to optimise your diet for the management of specific health conditions and concerns (eg. IBS, PCOS, fertility concerns, high cholesterol) without restrictive dieting.

You're looking for practical and flexible meal planning support which fits around the your lifestyle in a way that nourishes and satisfies the body.

You want to move away from feeling uncomfortable in your body and gravitate towards body acceptance and building a positive body image.

You want to break free from the binge-restrict cycle and find peace with ALL foods (including those "bad" foods you find so hard to resist).

You want to explore emotional eating and find ways of coping with your emotions when feeling stressed out, lonely or upset.


Are you ready to make a positive change to your health?

At Lucy Joy Nutrition, we want to help you enjoy life, without any fear or restrictions around your diet